Nigeria Naira Crisis


Here is a movie poster design on Nigeria Naira crisis titled Naira Hunt. Suffering, agony, and disappointment fill the hearts of the masses over the new Naira notes. Despite two months after unveiling the new currency notes, introduced by Federal Government and Central Bank of Nigeria, most Nigerians find it difficult to access the notes in their respective banks. The Nigeria Naira crisis persist.

Here is my personal experience on Naira Hunt

For the past few weeks, we have been experiencing Naira notes scarcity, dramas in banks and protest in some places. I will like to share my own Naira Hunt Experience.

Just like every responsible man, I set for office on Monday morning. While working on the computer, I remembered I need some cash for the week. At exactly 11am, I left the office looking for any available ATM.

Normally, I expected crowd at ATMs because of what we are passing through presently. From one bank to the other, after visiting 3 banks, none of their ATMs were dispensing. At last, I got one adjacent of my office’s street, 300 meters away. I joined the queue hoping I will be able to withdraw cash even if it was little. I was optimistic, 2 ATMS were dispensing.

Few people came, joined the queue, asking same questions “Is it paying?”, “Who is the last person” and “How much are they paying”.

Fifteen minutes later, one of the ATMs stopped dispensing. I barely moved a step from the spot I joined the queue. Well, the second ATM was still working. I watched closely to ensure no intruder enter the queue. To my dismay, the second ATM stopped about ten minutes after the first one stopped. It was not hopeful that the ATMS will be reloaded for the day. I checked the time; it was almost noon.

The search continued as I walked into another street. Not long enough, I got to this bank with few people on queue. They were not up to thirty. I asked “Is the ATM dispensing?” The last man replied “They are loading it” I felt relieved, definitely I must withdraw here. Without a second thought, I stood behind the last man and other came to join.

Meanwhile, we were still waiting for the ATMs to start dispensing. After twenty minutes of waiting, we began to raised questions among ourselves; How long will it take them to load ATM? We changed topics to electoral issues. Each person commenting on different political views. I kept mute since politics was not my interest at that moment.

Back to ATM, it was about forty minutes of standing under the hot weather still no positive case. I asked the man in front of me “Sir who told that they were loading the ATMs”? He said he was told the same thing when he came. Without wasting time, we called one of security men that had been parading the place. We were shocked when he told us nothing related to the loading of the ATM.

After hearing this, the hope was dashed. I left the place with some men, while some still stood for miracle to happen.

I went back to the office, empty handed, tired and frustrated. It was 1pm. I brought out my breakfast to refuel my energy. While eating, myself and the ATM card were staring at each other.

Here is a fictional Music Art Cover titled “Naira Hunt” designed by me.

Have you gotten your own Naira Hunt Experience?

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