SMEs Business Services offer by Creative Touch to SMEs and other business startups are unique and innovative, trusted and tested by many.

The SMEs business services are specially designed to fit into any kind of business enterprise. Making use of this services, you gain brand visibility, more engagement and brand positioning which later transmit into sales.

We look forward to you to start something on your business with us with these following services.

Design Services

May be your business is registered with the CAC or not, you need some ideas, images and colours that translate what your company or business does and who are you.

Apart from name, you need a logo that appeal to all eyes and mind that come across your brand. The logo differentiate your brand from others just like your business name.

The logo must describe what you do. Creative Touch will design a corporate logo for your business within two days. The logo will be presented in different formats and will be available for future and printing purposes. See our logo design packages to know more.

Business card, letterhead, stickers, labels are some of the best primary promotional tools you need. Not forgetting flier to create awareness and information around your locality,

Definitely you will need outside display tools to let people know where you are and what you do. Banners do this work for you.

You can also make use our digital designs to promote and position your business on the digital space. Social media banner, web banner, social media ads and flier, digital business card, catalogs lost more. You can contact us on this for the business packages we offer on this category.

For every SME who intends to take their business to the next level on the web, Creative Touch will create a website that comes with domain and hosting package usually a year. Responsive and easy to edit WordPress themes you can edit anywhere, anytime, viewable on all mobile devices.

Dedicated e mail account and limited pages that create a friendly interface to your web audiences.

Business print services which help you to present your brand to the outside world. From business card to letterhead, not to mention of invoices, rollup banners, receipt booklets, nylon and pouch prints and lots more.

You are assured of clean, clear and sharp printing with the latest printing machines. Our printing  job order has minimum quantity and takes 2-3 working days.

Brochure goes a long way in marketing your business and product. A well designed and neatly printed will communicate effective in the corporate atmosphere. We are ready to give you a befitting brochure or company profile that you can make use of to project your business in corporate setting.

We can give a detailed and comprehensive catalog on your products without ambiguity from your prospective customers. We only have 3 days to deliver.

Our nylon prints come in 1,2 or 3 colour combinations. different sizes; medium, large and extra-large. Go to our pricing page for details.

Business Print Services

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