Differences Between Designing For Web And Print.

Designing is a very interesting and the work you design determines the creativity you put in it. It of importance to know that designing for web is totally different to print. In this blog, I will mention few of the the differences.

  1. In designing for web, you make use of pixel for dimension while in print you make use of inches (mostly common), centimetres etc.
  2. When designing for web you make of RGB (Red, Blue, Green) colour swatch, while in print you make use of CYMK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) colour swatch.
  3. Unlike web, there room for bleeding which allows for further printing processes.
  4. Despite the fact that both uses same software technologies, printing will depend on effective printing machine to bring out colourful and neat job.
  5. When designing for web, you design web banners, websites, flash websites, newsletter but in print you design as small as a business card to bronchure, letterhead, magazines, logo, etc.

It is pertinent to know that both require good layout, element of design (Shapes, lines, colour, type, etc.). Moreover space is highly required to ensure readability and legibility.

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