Designing a Magazine Cover Page

Magazine is one of the widely read printing publications because of its rich contents, colorful pictures and aesthetic and fine finishing.

Magazines are commonly found everywhere which focused on on thing and the other. You can get a magazine on travels like Wanderlust, for sports, magazine like Sport Inside come s to your head. You can also have the magazine in digital formats like Luxury Travel Magazine.

No matter what the magazine specialises on, there is one way they must all follow when it comes to designing the cover.

There must be a Masthead, The is area that is bold enough on the design. The name of the magazine, date issued, volume number. This area is constant for subsequent publication.

There is also publication code.

The magazine must a have a bold picture enough to cover the whole page. It is refers to cover picture. From there the cover story is attached to it.

There are also come subordinate stories on the cover page but will only be indicated in text. The focus point must be determined before placing the subordinate stories and this will be maintained in subsequent publication.

The basic element of the cover page are

  • Banner (sometimes called “nameplate”) or masthead
  • Tagline
  • Image
  • Cover blurbs
  • UPC code
  • Price
  • Date/Volume number

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