Calendar is an important tool in a home, office on a mobile phone that is why many corporate organizations,religious bodies, schools, business individual and lots more show appreciation to their numerous clients in the outgoing year by dashing out calendar in on coming year.
Calendar is more that a tool, due to the aesthetic design and print, it adds beauty to home, office and anywhere hung or mounted. The material used for calendar varies according to the budget but what matter most is the arrangement and design.
Calendar comes in form of table calendar, wall calendar, almanac or in any other forms. It can be landscape or portrait which may have combination of the home colours of company. Moreover, the calendar could be planned on a page, 2 pages, 3 pages, 4pages, 6 pages, this will depends the number of months that will appear on a page.
To sum it all the budget will depend on which design to use which will be determined by the organization or individual.

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